The C-X17 has been created as a design study to introduce Jaguar's all-new advanced aluminum unibody architecture on which an exciting range of future Jaguar vehicles will be built. This new philosophy underpins the entire innovative future of the Jaguar brand. This modular and scalable vehicle architecture, engineered and developed for Jaguar, is high-strength, lightweight, extremely stiff and incorporates innovative efficiency technologies. It enables flexible high-volume production while allowing creative design freedom and competitive interior packaging, and delivers the unique character, dynamics, performance and luxury that Jaguar is famous for. This will enable Jaguar to grow its product portfolio, targeting high-growth areas of the premium market.

As a sports crossover, the Jaguar C-X17 stretches the design possibilities of the segment by combining the character and driving experience of a sports car with increased presence, style and flexibility. The sports crossover concept represents the potential expansion of Jaguar's portfolio of body styles, with the associated enhancement of the brand's relevance and appeal to a wider global audience.

Jaguar's first product from the new architecture will be a new premium C/D segment sedan. Its global rollout will begin in 2015, and in North America in 2016, and it will be the first aluminum unibody product in the segment.


Increased ground clearance and All-road mode offer reassuring capability and enhanced grip.1

Increased ground clearance and All-road mode are summoned at the turn of a dial and offer reassuring capability and enhanced grip on poor roads and in varying weather conditions.1


The C-X17 actually adapts to the conditions by detecting variations in the quality and grip available from the road surface and optimizing the vehicle’s system’s accordingly through Jaguar Intelligent All-Road Mode (i-ARM).1


With a rear-wheel drive bias, which is unique in the Sports Crossover/SUV segment, the C-X17 offers a superior driving experience and emphasizes its on-road performance focus.


For improved cornering during enthusiastic driving, Torque Vectoring by Braking (TVbB) applies pressure to the rear brakes to help the vehicle maintain the desired path.1,2


Inspirational performance, driveability and excellent fuel economy: the C-X17 will offer a range of engines with differing capacities and power outputs, including a new family of high-output and efficient 4-cylinder gas and diesel engines.


The C-X17 has class-leading efficiency and CO2 emissions thanks to its highly efficient engines and all new aluminum architecture.

1These features are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention, and will not function under all circumstances, speeds, weather and road conditions. The driver should not assume that these features will correct errors of judgment in driving. Please consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or your local authorized Jaguar Retailer for more details. 2Always obey local speed limits.